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8th February 2015
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Why we should love material things more!

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There is no doubt the majority of us who are living in the UK are living in a material world. We are surrounded by expensive cars, posh houses, smart phones, flat screen TVs, surround sound, the internet …. the list is endless. However, do we really appreciate what we have and love them as much as we should? There is no doubt I personally have very strong feelings for my iPhone and also my car but should we love things a lot more?

The article by Nick Thorpe details why we should love material things a lot more …

I actually agree with him … we should love things more, especially those items that we have worked so hard for. For example, my new flat screen TV is one of those new 4k smart TVs that can do just about everything apart from make me a cup of tea. The picture is so clear and bright it actually hurts my eyes sometimes. Watching TV, especially sport is an absolute joy, but so it should be as it was nearly £3K! I know that is an obscene amount of money but I worked really hard for that TV. I really wanted it, I did tons of overtime, worked at weekends and even sold some of my unwanted items on eBay to finance the TV. Thinking about all those overtime hours and weekends when I should of been at home enjoying time with my family I was at work earning money for my TV I definitely should love it. I won’t take it out on dates or ask it to marry me but it is a material possession that give me a lot of pleasure I do love it.

The problem with loving material things a lot more is that we want to buy more things. More things in our already material world means fuller houses, we all have more clothes, more items, more stuff. With our already full up lives no wonder self storage and box storage by courier is becoming so popular. I have self storage for all the things I love but I can’t part with!

We all should love material things more – they make us very happy! :)