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What do you have in your loft?

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We are storage geeks.! All day in the office we talk about storage and space saving, mostly to do with self storage but also about storage in our own homes. The conversation this week focused on what we have in our attics which was really interesting (well to us anyways)!

In our office there are  eleven of us. Three live in flats so they have no loft space, another three have loft conversion (all very posh) and the remaining five of us have lofts. So what do we store in them …

Jenny - My loft is full to brim with absolute junk. I don’t think there is anything of any use in my loft and I am in denial that there is anything up there. I guess it will stay up there until we move or the ceiling falls through! We have old books, baby clothes, more books, old toys, old magazines, videos, board games, more books, and some more books!

Dave - My loft is full of my train collection. It isn’t really converted but it has a fancy loft ladder so I have semi converted into a miniature railway yard. It is heaven up there, especially when my charming wife and delightful children start to moan. We also have a lot of the kids toys and old clothes in boxes up there (they do double up as seats though!).

Hannah – Like most of the people commenting about their loft space we have all the children’s old clothes and toys neatly packed away. If we ever decided to have more children we can use all the clothes we have in storage to use. We also have our Christmas decorations and a lot of old blankets and towels for some odd reason.

Andrea – My loft is completely empty (She says smugly!).

Me - Recently I spent a week (yes a week) of a recent holiday sorting out my loft. I went to the tip 25 times during the week and I actually have a clean loft. I bought lot of really useful boxes and sorted everything out so my loft is actually very neat and tidy. In my really useful boxes I have a large pile of old Aston Villa programmes, my old law university books, christmas decoration, old paperwork and files.

So what do you have in your loft? Email us with your interesting (or non interesting) items in your loft to