My stuff while travelling?

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My stuff while travelling?

Storage For Travelling

What to do with all my stuff why I go travelling? 

So you’ve booked your tickets to go travelling and you are thinking about what a great time you are going to have but you realise before you go you have to do something with all your stuff. If you are still living at home you don’t have a problem as you know your stuff will be safe. However, if you live in a house, have a flat, house share or any other accommodation which you will need to vacate you will need to consider what you are going to do with your stuff.

As the date to travel draws nearer the panic will set in that you have to do something with your stuff. Here is our suggestions –


We love eBay! Selling your valuable (or not so valuable) items to a world wide audience. It is so simple to list items from your phone or your PC you can make some hard cash which can contribute to your travels. However, there are downsides as it can take an age to list items with correct details and sending off items can be a real bother; packaging, tape, postage …. and of course the queues at the post office (although we use Collect+ more and more). Verdict – If you have time and want to make some premium money eBay is the way to go! 

A Yard/ Garden/ Garage Sale

A very American concept but it works. You sort all your stuff out and display it in your front garden or garage. It is very popular in American and there is a growing trend in the UK for similar sales. People love a bargain in the UK and there are so many people obsessed with collecting so you will bound to get someone offering you cash for your unwanted items. You’ll probably have to haggle with the price but a yard sale is great way to shift your stuff, especially your larger items! Verdict – Great idea to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly, but you do need an area to sell from. 

Car Boot Sale

The Car Boot Sale is a very British Sunday morning activity for lots of bargain hunters. They happen all over the country in the summer time and are an idea place to off load some of your junk. If you have children’s toys you need to move these are always a huge seller as are DVDs and video games. Car boots can be fun but don’t get tempted to look at anyone else’s stuff as you are trying to get rid of your items not bring new ones home.  Verdict – Car Boots can be fun, but you need a car (or van) and need to be willing to stand out in varying weather conditions. 

Store Your Items

For all the things you want to keep for the life when you return you can store your items. There are self storage companies all over the UK and offer all different sized rooms that enable you to store your stuff. Self Storage in big cities can be expensive so you need to be ruthless about what you are storing but they provide the ideal safe environment to store the items you want when you return. If you haven’t got transport there is always the option of storing your items via post. Box storage via courier is a growing market and there are a few companies around the country who provide a full service without you needing to leave your door. Check out for details of this service. Verdict – A great way to store your items but can be expensive. 

Throwing it Away!

You will need to be ruthless and just throw some of your stuff away. A trip to the local tip with your unwanted items can be so liberating. However, before you do make sure you give all the items that can be used to the local charity shop! Verdict – If you don’t need it then get rid of it. Giving your items to a charity shop and helping others will also make you feel good! 

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