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3rd April 2015
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The Student Storage Problem


I spent this weekend in London, driving up on Saturday morning. Aside from the normal stream of lorries, vans and the odd National Express bus I noticed a lot of cars cram packed with boxes, pillows, duvets and what appeared to be everything but the kitchen sink. I soon realised these must be students making the termly pilgrimage home for the Easter holidays.

I went to university in Liverpool and was all too familiar with the routine of packing up my bits and bobs for the holidays, and the end of year decamp back home, and then onto new dwellings the next year. Seeing all the students took me back to those days – and late night end of term parties. I remembered friends who had been in accommodation that was hired out during the holidays so had had the arduous task of completely packing every end of term, only to return to unpack weeks later!

Unfortunately in many cases student housing tends to be an easy target for thieves – with the wealth of laptops, computers and gadgets students have these days. It can be unsettling to leave your home from home empty for weeks during holiday time, and the safest thing to do always seemed to be to pack up and take everything with you.

Nowadays more and more students are taking advantage of secure storage options, being able to leave their possessions safe and protected – rather than having to lug everything the length and breadth of the county! With Door to Store you don’t even need to worry about getting those boxes to safe storage, as they will collect from you, leaving you with more time to celebrate the end of term!