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Smallest House in Britain

Small house that needs storage

We’re all into store on this site and often have discussions about what types of people need storage in the UK. There are all sorts of reasons why people need storage, especially those with small houses or flats, which got us thinking to who has the smallest house in Britain as they would surely need storage of some sort.

A quick search of the internet we stumbled across the the wikipedia page; the smallest house in Great Britain. The smallest house is called the Quay House and is tourist attraction in Conway Wales. The house has a floor area of 3.05 by 1.8 metres and a height of 3.1 metres. Although it is a tourist attraction now it was lived in until 1900 when the owner was a 6-foot-3-inch fisherman named Robert Jones!

We can imagine if Robert Jones was still living in the house now he’s be sure to need self storage!

To read more about the smallest house in Great Britain read: 

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