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Self-storage are not just for storing!

Self Storage Unit

In 2011 The Independent featured an article titled “Through the keyhole: Self-storage units aren’t just for stashing junk“. This article was all about the weird and wonderful uses people are doing with their self storage space. We decided to review them and add some more up to date ideas.

Pop Up Mini Shops and Warehouses

With the decline of the High Street and the continued growth in internet sales people are running their small business from self storage units all over the UK. Entrepreneurs are being attracted by cheap rents, flexibly, short contracts and the safety and security that comes with most UK storage units. All a business needs is a web shop and a place to store their stock so self storage units offer an ideal space for stock.

Trades Mans Stores

The traditional store for builders, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other trades are vanishing. The older storage spaces in barns and suchlike are being gobbled up by property developers turning them into flats and houses. Small industrial units are the next best option but these are often too large and very expensive for just a store. If there are no garages in the area, and the availability of them is becoming more rare, trades men are using storage units for their stock and equipment.


People with no space at home and do not want to go to a macho gym are setting up their own places in the safety of the a self storage unit. Friends with equipment but no place to set it up are clubbing together to create their own exclusive gyms.

Music Studios 

A rock band needs a place to practice and they have found some self storage units the ideal place to have a jam. Not all storage owners are so welcoming of bands and not all facilities have electric to every room so this is unique to some storage facilities. However, those who are lucky enough to have storage facilities as their studios maybe singing about storage in their next songs!

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