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23rd March 2015
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3rd April 2015
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A new family member? NO SPACE!

Baby and the box

So the pitter patter of tiny feet will soon be heard in our house – along with cries, burps and all those other delightful baby noises! As the weeks tick by thoughts are starting to turn to the endless ‘helpful’ lists of baby must haves, might likes and probably don’t need but will make things so much easier. Shopping trips have gone from looking for a pair of killer heels or the perfect handbag to comparing car seats, and the bewildering world that is choosing a pram.

With the amassing of an impressive collection of baby grows, muslins, hats and bibs , the nappy bag and kindly donated nappies space in our cosy home is rapidly becoming a premium. This is before we even consider adding the pram, and those fun looking bouncy chairs parents seem to swear by!

The spare room which will soon become a nursery is rapidly becoming a makeshift storeroom as baby gear slowly takes over the whole house. High heeled shoes suddenly seem like they were last worn a life time ago, and once favourite outfits are being pushed aside to make way for elasticated waists and floaty numbers with plenty of growing room. All of this is leading to piles of clothes, which will soon need to find a new home, as inevitably this soon to arrive tiny person with an unbelievable amount of accessories will claim the spare room as its own.

All of this has left me pondering my storage options. Every spare cupboard shelf seems to have been taken over by nappies, wet wipes or those cute little baby towels with a hood. The attic is already crammed with Christmas decorations, and various accumulated items neither of us can part with. I’m not ready to part with my beloved shoes and handbags and so was relieved to discover there is another option – storage! When the time comes – and it will be soon, that we get round to giving that spare/store room a baby ready makeover I will be boxing all my bits and bobs up, happy in the knowledge they will be safe until needed.