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31st December 2014
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Living in a shoe box

self storage shoe box

Modern houses are notoriously small. Developers pack them into new housing estates and the recent ones I have looked in have been like shoe boxes. It doesn’t really make sense because we are living in a material world and the average person in the UK has more stuff but in a modern house doesn’t really have anywhere to put it. I get the argument that technology is helping us to have more space with entire music collections and film collections on an phone or laptop but people in general do have more stuff. The problem is even more apparent in the big cities with houses being divided up into flats and bedsits that have little or no space.

With the lack of space and the increasing amount of stuff people have there are lots of great ideas on the web to make use of the lack of space. One site that has lots of interesting ideas is They blog about space saving ideas for people living in a micro environment. I also thought had some really interesting ideas on space saving.

Even though there are some great ideas on saving space if you still have too much we’d of course recommended self storage (or moving into a bigger property). Self Storage units come in all sizes to meet space requirements and budgets. If you don’t drive then you can always try storage by courier and you don’t even have to leave your house!

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