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10th March 2015
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An Interview with a Self Storage Owner


We were lucky enough to catch up with ucanstore.com owner Bill Johns and ask him 10 quick questions on self storage. . .

  1. What made you want to start up your own Self Storage Business?
    I visited lots of self-storage centres in London when my wife was spending time with her female cousins, just to keep out of the way really. The simplicity of the idea and the obvious demand for the service convinced me to have a go.
  2. Who came up with the name ucanstore.com?
    I did after several ideas and crazy thoughts, it says it all.
  3. What is the most unusual thing that has been stored at ucanstore.com
    We had a huge Star Wars collection recently but it has moved on to a new galaxy now.
  4. You have recently set up Door2Store.com which is self storage from your door?
    I can imagine there are lots of people who are not very good at packing their items. What are your top tips for packing boxes? It’s really simple plenty of bubble wrap and paper make sure the box is fully filled so that no stuff can rattle around.
  5. Away from self storage what are your hobbies?
    I have a mini digger and spend a lot of time digging holes then filling them in again, quirky but relaxing.
  6. Favourite place to go on holiday?
    Not good at holidays, but skiing once a year then a few days in the sun.
  7. Favourite food? 
    Roast beef dinner
  8. Favourite drink? 
  9. Two people who you’d most like to meet (living or dead)?
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Alexander the Great.
  10. Person who you’d want to play you in a film about your life?
    Steve McQueen if he was still alive.